WHITEROCK, BC on a sunny Day

May 26th 2012

Click on pics for Hi rez!

What a beautiful day!  Cheryl and I got to go out for a ride today without work on our minds and nothing but sun.  It is unusual for us to ride in all SUN but we will take this.  Also I realized something today, I think I can make anything into a BLOG post.  So many around me especially Cheryl asks…..”What the hell are you blogging about now?”  Well, not sure but I keep posting it seems.  It’s fun, I am learning things as this BLOG grows and most importantly it’s a constructive distraction from everyday life.  So, I guess that is what I am blogging about….everything and anything that seems interesting.

Even today’s little ride to lunch was fun.  Taking pictures does not take away from our riding it adds to it.  This blog is a journal of our trips, our lives and the many things we find interesting.  That’s what it is all about….nothing more nothing less.  I think I have answered that question, “what the Hell am I Blogging about!”  😉

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Bald Eagles Nest in Whiterock, BC

This nest is about 30 mins from our house and hosted by Hancock Wildlife Foundation and David Hancock. I sort of volunteer for this foundation but the new job has been getting in the way of my duties!  CLICK the PIC!


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