Countries with over 1000 Views

Over the next few days we are going to be posting the TOP Countries who visit the BLOG as a way to highlight them and say THANKS.  Seriously, this blog started out as just something we could use to keep track of our Triumph Summer 2011 trip to Alaska and has turned out to be so much more.  We are learning about countries we never really knew before this BLOG.  We see many repeat visitors and tons of new ones each day.  It’s been so much fun to post ideas, interests and some great works of others but in some way shape or form this BLOG does have a theme.  😉  It may appear to be random but it really is all about Cheryl and my LOVE for adventure, animals, photography, wild life and people!  Here is a short list of some countries almost breaking 1000 hits.

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196 Countries in the World

This is wicked….there are 196 countries in the world and 164 have visited our BLOG at least once.  We are so thankful so many places have taken a look at what is going on here and seem to come back too.  I feel like we once again need to thank everyone for making this BLOG so much fun! 

Do you see your country on this map?

THE WORLD MAP – This is where you are!

Every day we get updates since I added this little map widget to our BLOG….it is wicked to see when and where people check in.  Where are you on the map?  Click to enlarge the pictures.

Once again Cheryl and I thank everyone for keeping this BLOG alive!

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