How tall is too tall?

Most pics can be enlarged! I have been asked many times “how can you ride such a tall bike”?  So, I have put together some pics to try to show as close as I can with the specs I know what I might look like on all the recent bikes I have owned or “borrowed”.  […]


I found a great web site for anyone to peruse if you are traveling Canada on a bike.  I will be posting some of its content here but use this link, GRAVELTRAVEL.CA to read all about the many back country roads up here.  The site also include the TCAT-Tans Canada Adventure Trail.  Plus, like last […]

Adventure Riding Night

  Events and News I am honored to be invited to speak at PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS our BMW dealer. Free food, KLIM there and the intro of the new BMW 1200GS, plus me!  Cheryl is still in Ottawa but I get to share many pictures and stories about our Adventure riding endeavors!  What would be better […]

Welcome To Dawson City

If you plan on riding up to the Dempster Highway…you need to stop in Dawson City….it’s an awesome place to eat, drink and meet many other ADV riders before you tackle the unpredictable DEMPSTER.

Pictures of the Day

Where in the world were we when these pictures were taken?

Tiger of the Day

See the little gorilla tri pod?  That is one way to take self timers…. 😉 Can anyone name where this edited picture was taken?  

Picture of the Day

Can you name this famous adventurer and inventor who is with Leslie in this picture?  

Dempster Highway after the rain

What a bike can look like after riding the Dempster in the pouring rain….this is from July 9th 2011. Have fun 2012 adventurers to the North! 😉   I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at Personal Blogs.

Welcome to the DEMPSTER

Again like our post about the Dalton Highway, we thought we would take this opportunity to introduce the Dempster for those who are going to embark on this specific road this summer.  Also, for those who missed our summer 2011 post about this amazing road.  The DEMPSTER…what to say.  All depends on the weather and […]

Is Dawson City Sinking?

CBC Report on Permafrost Problems here I can really appreciate this story because we were up in Dawson and experienced first hand the permafrost heaves in the roads up there and you can see buildings settling into the ground.  What to do about this problem?  The cost factor is HUGE to repair and not really […]

Curbsyde Vimeo Page & YouTube Channel

  Curbsyde YouTube Channel Get to know this team of talented riders/cinematographers you will not regret it! Curbsyde Website


Brilliant ride! Curbsyde Productions.  I follow these guys when I can…top notch videos and of course unbelievable rides.  Curbsyde Productions My dream job!

The Northern Lights

AURORA BOREALIS Two things we did not see while traveling this summer, the dark and Aurora Borealis.  Just another thing to add to the bucket list.  🙂    

Last Batch from our 44 Day Adventure


BEER & More Scenic Pics