2014 Yamaha YZ250F – First Ride (Video)

I could totally see a pair of these in our garage at some point.  I miss dirt bikes for sure.

Back in the game with a new fuel-injected motor!

August 9, 2013 By 0 Comments
Photographer :  Adam Booth

2014 Yamaha YZ250F action shot

To say that the 2013 Yamaha YZ250F was badly in need of an update would be an understatement. This motorcycle was not obsolete, but its competitors were leaving it in the dust with regard to innovations. The last bike in its class to retain a carburetor, the 2013 YZ-F had not been updated in several years save for a few minor tweaks. Fortunately, Yamaha had big plans for its little four-stroke, and in 2014 the blue brand is releasing a completely redesigned, totally new machine. ’Bout time. Continue reading “2014 Yamaha YZ250F – First Ride (Video)”

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