2014 CROSS COUNTRY TRIP-see bottom of post

After going back and forth as to where I should take my SOLO trip this year I think I have come up with a plan.  Head East, go see my family and some friends and then head West.  I think it’s doable…May 17 – June 16?  Need to replace my SPOT CONNECT as my other one seems to like to eat batteries more than usual and the battery lid does not like to stay closed.  So, new Connect on order and over the next few months I shall get the camping gear together, check out it twice, before I leave get the bike all tuned up with new K60 tires and off I will head into the USA and Canada.  We did this trip, different route in 2010.


As usual I will try to do a live report from the road on the ADV forum or maybe just the F800 forum not sure yet and the BLOG, with updates on our Face Book page too.  Should be fun to get out there on my own.  I have taken shorter trips SOLO but not 12,000 KM’s worth.   Continue reading

Partnering with Revzilla

Revzilla is an online motorcycle everything you could dream of site that we have now partnered with on our blog.  If you look to the right on any page you will see a Revzilla widget.  Feel free to click the “ad” if you want to peruse their site and make a purchase.  This is our little way to try to recoup some costs associated with running a blog like this. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.22.20 AMGreat customer service, no restocking fees, 1st return free…and if you call or email Revzilla you get advise from guys and gals who ride.  No strings attached, simply click the widget on our BLOG and shop away.  You might see more companies on this site which would only be companies we have dealt with and can 100% agree they are the best at what they do.  In the end, this is something I thought would help this blog grow and get even better for the future having some sort of infusion of cash.  When you buy through our site we do get a commission.  Just being open and transparent here.  Not a bad thing if you need gear and stuff and inadvertently support us too.  Thanks and happy shopping.

A True Story – A son’s tragedy turns to hope for others


Since this is ORGAN DONATION Registration week thought I would reblog my own post…..Please read and feel free to post anywhere that it might be read as well. Thanks!

Originally posted on Leslie's Motorcycle Adventures by Advgrrl:

This is what Leslie does for a living….although not a nurse like Karen and Rob in this tragic story about Emerson, Leslie’s role with BC Transplant is just the same.  Educated as a social worker, now trained clinician in organ donation….we are proud to post this story of a mother and father who unexpectedly had to say good-bye to their son.  Leslie sees this almost every time she is on call…people say “how do you do it?” 

What makes her job bearable with all the tragedy and sudden deaths are families like Emerson’s.  And just as important is knowing colleagues of hers in other Provinces are being praised for their hard work, devotion to donation and families.  Families mean so much to us at BCT and obviously to organ donation specialists/coordinators no matter where.

Please read and register to be a donor where you live.  This is one of the…

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RE-Branding Completed

Lately, I am certain some can tell my tone has been somewhat tame.  Life has a way of throwing you curve balls when you least expect them.  As the saying goes, “here today, gone tomorrow”.  Cheryl and I have broken up for reasons I am really not sure of but she is gone and I must go on. 

Travel Cards


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Do you wear a cooling VEST?

I do and this is the one…cheap and works…as the weather warms up just like in the cold…when I wear heated gloves and a liner I try to stay cool in the summer.  Makes for riding pleasure.  I will bring my cooling vest as well as heated liner and gloves on my month-long x country trip.  You never know what weather you might hit in any season so I like to be prepared. 

2012-techniche-hyperkewl™-deluxe-sport-vests-silver-634654327051012319 Continue reading

Pics of the Day

I leave for my X-Country trip in 32 days~! ;-)



Whether you search advgrrls or advgrrl you should land here.  The OFFICIAL NEW address of this blog is advgrrl.com.


this logo was designed by George…a loyal follower/virtual friend in the UK. He made this on his own for me and I am grateful and appreciate his kindness.


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2014 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator Buying Guide at Revzilla

Remember you can buy all Revzilla products through this blog…just click the widget to the right.  If you need “stuff” why not support this blog?  Just a thought…I have owned the G4 for years and just bought the Scala Q3