AltRider = Premium Quality and Protection

I figured that when I put anything on my bike that has real life testing to prove my dedication to a manufacturer or online company that has great customer service and products I need to share.  All of us when buying bikes look for the best value, protection, and items that assist us with better visibility, etc….real life reviews are what I look for and they are hard to come by when reading magazine reviews.  Just for the record I am not paid to endorse any products.  I just share what works well for me.  I also share what I would buy again and again.

If you buy from them mention my blog or name…you never know!

click ME

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Partnering with Revzilla

Revzilla is an online motorcycle everything you could dream of site that we have now partnered with on our blog.  If you look to the right on any page you will see a Revzilla widget.  Feel free to click the “ad” if you want to peruse their site and make a purchase.  This is our little way to try to recoup some costs associated with running a blog like this. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.22.20 AMI did not know this…someone made this comment…so, if you call in an order outside this blog and tell them about me, it would help…thanks again. Leslie

The reason I am writing to you, I ordered my first item from Revzilla.  I asked them if I could get you the credit for linking me to them and they said yes.  Since I travel, I am not able to use online, as my shipping address is always changing, so I call them direct.  So, you might share to your followers, that you can get credit at Revzilla, by just telling the order taker, that you were linked/referred to them by; Advgrrl.  They have you on file there and are happy to give you that credit.


Great customer service, no restocking fees on returns and if you call or email Revzilla you get advise from guys and gals who ride.  No strings attached, simply click the widget on our BLOG and shop away.  You might see more companies on this site which would only be companies we have dealt with and can 100% agree they are the best at what they do.  In the end, this is something I thought would help this blog grow and get even better for the future having some sort of infusion of cash.  When you buy through our site we do get a commission.  Just being open and transparent here.  Not a bad thing if you need gear and stuff and inadvertently support us too.  Thanks and happy shopping.

One of the MANY reasons I BLOG!



I have to post this very REAL and well written post by Fuzzygalore.  The Motorcyclist blogger I met the other night here in NY.  Her writing kicks my ass in the blogging world but then again as we both discussed this not a competition. I can at least bow my head to someone who really knows how to reach out to her readers.  What an amazing skill and gift.  I am so disappointed I forgot to take a selfie pic of the two of us but Fuzzy did in fact post her version of us…please continue to reading to find out.  :-)

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Airplane, Bagels & Fuzzygalore

In the words of my new real life friend, Rachael AKA Fuzzygalore:

Fuzzygalore Tonight I met @ADVgrrl – sometimes life puts a person in your path to change your way of thinking for the better. That happened tonight. 2014-11-24, 8:21 PM

Let me back up for a second.  I am actually on a trip without my F800GS.  Yes, sometimes I have to fly.  I never go willingly but this was a must.  Only have 6 days in New York…anyone know of a bike that make here from Vancouver, BC and back in 6 days? ;-)

Vancouver from the air

Vancouver from the air

In any case off I flew on Sunday, Nov. 23.  Arrived this morning around 0600 to awaiting parents after it took me an hour to get my luggage. Vancouver airport is a stunning airport to depart or arrive to as a destination.



JFK?  Not so much.  I can not remember ever landing at JFK and thinking to myself “NY-One Hell of a Town”.  I mean NYC is but the welcoming hub the airport is a PIT.  Some say Vancouver is too showy of Native Art only.  I agree..Vancouver has so many talented artists but I guess the city decides what is displayed.  It is still a beautiful airport and one that Vancouverites ought to be proud of as it does show the city as classy.

One thing for sure when you ride there is no waiting for luggage, it’s always there attached to you. I am in NY, Long Island for US Thanksgiving, but also to see friends and meet Fuzzygalore.  Rachael runs a blog known as a Girlie Motorcycle Blog.

Yep that caught my eye when browsing the web for other sites like mine. Haven’t had the chance to meet Rachael in real-time until tonight.  We met for dinner in the town of Port Jefferson.  I was actually born at St. Charles’s Hospital up on the hill. Memories….NOT…have no memory of being born but I was told that was the place.  ;-) Rachael writes much better than I so that is why I copied and pasted her tweet from tonight.  I would add sometimes life puts a person in your pathway to have a meeting of the minds and share the passion for life and riding.  I really enjoyed meeting Fuzzygalore and would like to invite everyone to take a peek at her blog:

Thanks Rachael for a very nice dinner and chat.

One of the first things I NEED when I land in NY is a real NY Bagel.  Snobby about my home town bagels?  YEP.  I was lucky today to get a quick tour of the back of the LONG ISLAND Bagel Cafe in Stony Brook.  WEBSITE CLICK HERE

In the back what customers don’t see

IMG_4152 IMG_4151

When I say real Bagels I will let Nick the owner tell you what I mean in these short video clips.

and then how they should be cooked

I miss these bagels and as I really ponder about moving back to the east coast around this area…I have to admit this will be a welcomed addition to my weekly routine.


I mean take a look inside this cafe


Loud and screams I want one of each.  Great coffee, and egg sandwich is what all three of us had on our way to my parents.


Yes, so NY is about food…everything is large here.  Deli’s open early, really early in the morning and serve large sandwiches, large muffins.  You name it is is large.  I have heard Americans are obese.  Perhaps that is the case…but at least you can say you get a lot for what you pay for and you end up with one tasty Bagel.  How I digress.  Point is…this is how you make a bagel.

I have a feeling my posts from Long Island will be about food.  Thanksgiving is here and when I leave I truly need to hit the treadmill.  But hey, that’s family, that’s the holidays and I am OK with that.  Until next time..hope everyone int he US enjoys their Turkey day coming up and I will continue to see friends and spend time with my family.

New York Bound – Happy US Thanksgiving

Heading to New York for US Thanksgiving.  Haven’t been back for this holiday in so long.  Time to be with family, see some more possible virtual friends and of course old friends alike.  Looking forward to getting out of town  – oops I have been out of town a lot lately on my bike but now I am flying.I love NY

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AltRider, Bikini Barrista & Chuckanut in the Dark

November 19th 2014 – My Seattle Day Trippin’ to AltRider! 

All pics clickable and videos throughout this post…short clips

Mileage 678 KM’s – left at 0600 and arrive home at 1930.  Weather?  Perfect, cloudy, some sun, cool temperatures and NO RAIN!

I left in the dark and came home in the dark.  LOVE my new Aux lights and the LED low beam.  Truly helped me when I decided to ride a road in Washington called the Chuckanut Drive.  More about that later.

Once again I made an impromptu decision to finally get down to AltRider to meet Erik to get some upper crash bars installed on my bike.  Erik and I tried to arrange this prior to my X Country 2014 Trip  Continue reading


November 14th -16th 2014

In this video if you listen closely I rub my pegs….;-)

Mileage 1178 Km’s

Polar Vortex Route

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