Just TIGERS MEGA picture update


  1. sal says:

    wow, amazing. Congratulations, i wish you health for repeat a travel like this.

  2. Leigh says:

    Great pictures. I was going to take my Harley Ultra classic, but looks like you really need and enduro on/off road bike to really enjoy the country side.

    • advgrrls says:

      all Harley owners we met were glad they made the trip but would never take their bikes back because of the damage they all sustained. Not from falling but the flying rocks and bottoming out so much etc. I recommend a DS of some kind to not only have a great time but not worry about your bike all the time. Harley’s can do a lot of the trip but you would miss 1000’s of miles of off the main road sights.

  3. advgrrls says:

    If anyone buys a Tiger because of this BLOG please mention our ride…..we highly recommend DS riding

  4. Bjorn says:

    Looks like an awesome journey! I might have to get a Tiger next, or as well. 😉

  5. jim says:

    Great Photos, continued good luck on your adventures,
    Jim S.
    Tiger 800

  6. Second chance says:

    Very nice. Those pics should sell more than a few Tigers.

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