Olympic Peninsula Pics Con’t


The leaves still don't seem to be at their fall peak

Whenever I see these signs I expect the worse but it's always not that bad

My favorite pic from the trip for some reason

Hardly any traffic

Leslie's bike

Cheryl's bike

Both bikes are pretty loaded for ADV riding and of course fairing protection.  The Denali LED lights are a huge asset for not only increased visibility for the rider but just an important for others to see us.  Riding in front of Cheryl even during the day they really stand out.  At night you can’t miss them.

Motooverland kickstand extender - Brand new and fits perfectly! Check it out. Made for the F800 and F650

Sections of the roads were very twistie and fun to ride

Sraying on the pavement, Cheryl needs a new chain and sprockets preety badly by now. 32000 KM on the BMW OEM chain and sprockets

We have been on this ferry to Port Townsand many times and well worth the $10.90 for both bikes

Some people who do not ride ask me “why so many pictures of your bikes?”  Well, because they are beautiful.  🙂

Port Townsand

what would it be like without rain for a Cheryl & Leslie's ride?

cool General Store, nice owners too

Heading down to Salt Creek Campground

Watch out for deer, we arrived at dusk

there is a private campground called Crescent Beach to the right

Our site for the nite

this view was right next to our site

we were all prepared for a cold night with our new sleeping bags but it was only 8 Celsius over night

no rain over night

heading out for some food to cook at the site before dark

so vute, why would anyone want to hunt and eat these guys?

never has to worry about it getting dark while in Alaska this summer

warmed up sandwiches for dinner, fire comes in handy more ways than one

nothing too fancy

Some nice folks offered us dry wood to help with our fire.  Most campers at this site had truck loads of their own firewood.  We?  not so much but we got help.

Cheryl always has to climb some tree

morning sunrise

Cheryl and I both agree there is something really special about the ocean and being by water

while Cheryl slept, I took a tour of the bluffs

Our breakfast for champions. Not!

why is it that while on the road cornbeef hash tastes so good?

we got poured on camping in Seabeck

trying to light a fire in the rain, worked for a bit but then bit the dust

we were the only tenters at the State campground and there was a 5th wheeler parked too

just not working in the rain

Kudos goes to our Mutha Hubba tent. Kept everything dry including us

Forest Ranger dude said they get 65 inches of rain a year in the area. He also brought us coffee to our site but we had no mugs! Nice guy!

another short ferry to ride to Edmonds, WA

we arrived with only 10 mins to spare before the ferry took off

off the Peninsula now and heading home

The Canadian Border and the completed loop. 983 or so KM.


  1. Thanks for sharing these ride reports.

    • advgrrls says:

      NP…I love blogging and sharing! as for the bags…we need to get compression sacks and they will be good to go on future trips. They are nice bags aren’t they?

  2. Nancy says:

    Great pictures. Love the area. Makes me want to load my bike and head north.

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