PANASONIC TS3 – Practice Pictures

Still testing out the new camera we got for our trips.  This is just a test picture post.  Feel free to share comments and remember I am definitely not a photographer although would like to be one some day.  🙂 None of these picture shave been edited.

While Cheryl had to work today and while I was supposed to be doing chores, I decided to head to a local park and take pictures.  It was a beautiful day here and just couldn’t resist going for a walk in Kanaka Provincial Park.  Located in Maple Ridge, BC right along the Fraser River.

Kanaka Park Grainy Look



Typical Wetcoast


Sneaking a look at the Fraser River





This was taken directly into the sun





















Golden Ears in the Back ground - Mts near our house



















  1. John says:

    Amazing pictures! Of course you live in God’s country.

    • advgrrls says:

      You think amazing? I am trying to be a better picture taker…not a photographer because I really have no idea what I am doing but glad you liked the pics and yeah…on a beautiful day like this it is God’s country! 😉

  2. Tom Hill says:

    Not knowing anything is a perfect place to be when you’re just trying to get your legs with this photography thing. That’s how I started way back when I rediscovered photography.

    If you need help with specifics drop me a line. I might be able to give a pointer or two.



    • advgrrls says:

      I have just the point & shoot. Guess i need to learn to take more interesting pictures. The camera today worked great while riding. Easy one hand shots on the go. Looking forward to getting home to see them on the PC.

      Any pointers would be great and post them hear if you can for others to learn too. Thanks!

  3. Georgia says:

    I think that you should consider ditching the TS3 and upgrading to a Sony RX100. It’s still capable of one handed operations, but far more versatile and with a better lens. Almost as good as a digital SLR but less expensive and so much more capable than your current point-and-shoot. If you go on so many road trips, it’s really a small investment to document your journey. Plus, it’s an easy camera to learn. It’ll really kick your photography up a notch 🙂
    knd rgrds

  1. […] TS3 in the rain on a trip to Washington State.  See Gerbing’s Trip Nov. 2011   & Practice TS3 Pics  for sample pics from the new […]

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