In the Market for a new Helmet Cam??????

Point of View Cameras has done a fantastic job reviewing and showing how the most popular brands compare to one another.  We own the Contour + HD camera presently and so far is seems like a decent camera.  I like the idea of being able to use an external mic.  The mic is an extra add on, you have to buy it on your own.  Contour provides the port on the camera and a cable to plug in your mic.  I am not too sure I like the way this camera records in the sense of colour saturation, but I have been told it is more natural in colour and I am not used to it.  Jury is still out. 

I should have recorded my ride home from work today. The gusts of wind made my BMW F650Gs feel like a kite at times and the pools of water because of the pouring rain were like huge PONDS…it was actually fun! 😉

I have never tried the GoPro cameras simply because I really do not like the look especially when mounted on the helmet.  The new GoPro 2 looks interesting though but still that “bulky” box shape.  There is a new DRIFT on the market…drift has turned me off just because it is really really bulky…at least the older model…the new Drift HD is looking very interesting.  No video yet of the new Drift but a video review that shows what it looks like.

You be the judge, watch these videos….let us all know which camera you favour, which one you own if any and what you like or dislike about your own set up.  Great opportunity for those who read this BLOG to get real life opinions. 

Here is a good link for the Buyers Guide.  We have bought all our cameras from Point of View who sell in the States and Canada.  Customer service is great and service just as good.  BUYERS GUIDE

Hope some of these videos help in your decision making or even if you are thinking of making a switch.  In any case, these cameras provide Adventure riders a whole new way to document your travels and be able to share with the world or just yourself.  I highly recommend trying out at least one of these and have some fun.  Have you ever seen yourself ride?  Get a buddy to video you and so how cool you look or what a dork you might be after all.  Hot smile Just kidding…again…would love to hear your comments.

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5 thoughts on “In the Market for a new Helmet Cam??????”

  1. I have the GoPro and I love it. I have bought a few of the extension so I can place it in various locations on my bike. I have used in underwater also. The picture was good even in our murky lake. During the summer the lake level rises quite a bit. I found a campfire ring while I was snorkeling

      1. thanks for the video link…I like the underwater aspect of the Gopro…the new Contour roam can go underwater too now…and many are adding waterproof protection without a case but to be submerge most still need cases.

  2. Well Leslie, as you know from over on the ‘other side’ I am a Drift HD Stealth owner/user and couldn’t be more pleased with it. When placed alongside the newer Drift HD it does indeed appear to be bulky although in truth this is more of a reflection of just how small this newer model is.
    As the two models are essentially the same in respect of video capability, my only reservation at this point is that it only accepts the standard battery and not the extended life variation that the Drift is capable of. This of course is due to it’s reduced size and what you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabout as they say.
    Colour reproduction will always be a matter of personal taste and what appears ‘natural’ to one person may appear awful to someone else. For example, in stills photography some may prefer the deep saturated blues and reds that Kodak film/papers produce (the seaside postcard look) whilst others prefer the more natural looking greens that Fuji produce. In this respect I personally prefer the Drifts colour reproduction as it seems to strike a better balance.
    I also prefer the Drifts more streamline appearance in that when attached to various places on the bike e.g. crash-bars it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.
    One piece of advice I would offer to anyone considering buying any of these POV cameras, or indeed any other video recording device such as the modern dSLR’s is to make a note of the recording format. One often sees the format displayed as MOV but this is more often than not a container holding the H.264 format. The latter is an extremely efficient format compressing the file without loss in quality. However, for editing/playback it requires a pretty powerful computer if the video is not to appear jerky as the video file uncompresses at the same time as playback. Also, for any serious video editing one should also consider good software.
    Agree with your comment about these POV cameras being ‘fun’ – it’s nice being able to record and view a moving image of an event (bike or otherwise) that you may only experience once in a lifetime. 🙂

    1. great reply…just like bikes it’s good to have so many choices and designs. It is as well as how one feels the camera works for them that’s important. Like you said colour reproduction is a matter of taste and your own opinion…one of the reasons we have stayed with the Contour cameras is because it is too streamline and does not look out of place while on the bike or even the helmet. Does it make it better than the competitors? Not sure. Also, good point about the video format and how much power a computer must need. Filming in HD takes up space and uses mega power. But oh the results in the end versus standard def is obvious. Thanks again for the comment.!

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