Are you going to Alaska this summer?

Map of Alaska


If you are planning a trip feel free to use this post to ask any questions about traveling through Alberta, BC, Yukon and Alaska.  It’s about that time of year many of you are in that planning phase and if we can be any help feel free to ask away! 



  1. Garth says:

    Yup, will be leaving in time to get to Dawson for the D2D

  2. I’m heading out to do a UCC with the MTF the first of June. While at it I intend to do a few side trips. I am leaving from Key West after riding down from Pasadena, TX on June 1. I start from Key West on the 3rd.
    I plan on going up by way of the Great Slave Lake and over to Ft. Liard then down to the Alaska Hwy.
    From there it is up to Dawson City and over to Tok by way of Chicken. After that it’s down to Valdez and over to Seward before heading up to meet the rest of the group for the ride up to Wiseman, spend the night, then on up to Deadhorse before returning to Fairbanks.
    I am following your route back through BC and then down the Pacific Coast to California and then back to the house.
    I’ve got 3 1/2 to 4 weeks to get it done. It should be fun.
    I really enjoyed your trip last year and am using your blog to figure out what I’m getting into.

    • advgrrls says:

      Holy that is A LOT of riding to do in 3 – 4 weeks. I sure hope you get to stop and smell the tundra. 😉 very ambitious and have a great time. Staying in Wiseman is a Wise lol choice. Depending on when you get there you might just want to call ahead as there are only 5 rooms and one cabin…up to you…we got lucky we were the only riders or guests the night we stayed there. Have fun on the Dalton and I hope you have good weather on Top of the World too….views are breath taking on a clear day. We got sooooooooooooo lucky the day we went from Dawson City to Chicken…we saw everything and for us that was unusual due to all the rain. Have a great time, be safe etc…..what bike are you riding?

  3. .I’m going to do the Iron Butt thing until I get up into Canada to make the best use of my time. I did it last time I went up there.
    I called Hiedi in January and reserved the cabin. I’ll have at least one other guy with me.
    I bought a new BMW R1200GS Adventure last year and have been getting it ready ever since. I have been to Alaska twice so far. I went up on a BMW K1200LT the first time. Next time it was on a Goldwing and this time since I intend to get dirty, I bought a GS. It seems to be good on the highway and good dirt roads. I’ll have to see about bad muddy or rough roads.
    I have a off road class lined up with Rawhyde in two weeks to learn a few things We’ll see.

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