Reconnecting with Canada The North

Worth buying this video and sitting back in the warmth of your home watching  the Curbsyde Team of Joe & Flora Lloyd, Paul Mondor and Jesse Clark on their personal journeys to Tuktoyaktuk in the middle of winter on two BMW F800GS bikes.  I am going to have to review this video one day from an amateur’s preservative.  Very well done, HD, and as always in Joe and Flora’s videos you will learn something about the history and culture where they ride to and from.



  1. Sue says:

    The “iceman” Paul Mondor is incredible! This tops ’em all. A very gracious and nice person. I met him when he was giving a talk about his cross-Canada trip in winter and promoting his book a couple or more summers ago at a BMW/Mosport weekend…..the Superbike races weekend. I read that he went on to ride the Labrador route in winter and take others with him! I think I’m too old for this!!
    I guess one is too old if you think you are…so the trick is to NOT think it??!

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