Departure Day, Thunder, Lightning, and some precipitation

Re-blogging my own post to just remind everyone we are taking off today for a couple of weeks. Blog will be update when we can and if you want you can take a look at our GPS track live as we figure out where we are going on this trip other than Rigby, ID.

On our trip will be using our SPOT Connect for tracking purposes. This is so useful for our friends and family to keep an eye on us while traveling and in way easy on us so we do not have to make phone calls. So, feel free as I say follow the bouncing ball and see where we are. From July 12-16 we will be camping out while attending the KLIM Adventure rally. The SPOT will not be activated at that time but before, July 9th and after see where we go because we have no idea where we are heading after KLIM.

See our other SPOT adventures here: SPOT PAGE


If at anytime the SPOT is not sending out our GPS coordinates please feel free to comment here. We do not always check to see if the SPOT is working. Thanks.


  1. Kevin D says:

    I’ve been using Google Latitude on this trip for the same thing. But, you need an unlimited data plan (US and Canada is what I have), and it only works where you have cell coverage. Lots of places in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Alberta where I didn’t, and the people tracking me could only see the last place I had checked in.

    Next time, I think i’ll give Spot a go.

  2. I like the SPOT link… That is really cool… Have fun… Oh I know you are having fun… Have more fun…

  3. Roelof says:

    Same weather on the old continent! Good thing is not to many bicycles on the road. The Beemer doesn’t mind. Have a gud one, grlzz!

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