Pre Wedding Shower

Had a great time with a bunch of colleagues that we also call friends at our home for our pre wedding shower.  Traditionally the wedding couple do not host the shower but I insisted we have it here and all our friends brought the food and goodies to us.  Beautiful day on our deck we built and finished, so all was good.  Wedding date August 14th 2013….right around the corner.

Recovery Day after the part

Recovery Day after the part

Leslie & Cruizer enjoying the morning sun

Leslie & Cruizer enjoying the morning sun

IMG_1764 IMG_1762 IMG_1758


  1. Gerry Maitland says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! Now I know why I didn’t run into you guys at the BMW Rally in Salem, OR. That’s probably the best excuse to miss it though…

    BTW, I was only able to go Thurs and come home (Federal Way, WA) on Friday. It was great! Canned Heat put on a great show! Hundreds of great bikes. Looking forward to the next one in the West…

    • advgrrls says:

      I am bummed we missed it but yeah we have been a little busy with non bike stuff. To be honest I am really missing the bike, camping, etc. but it’s worth it for now to just take a break and get married lol

  2. Kevin Brent says:

    Congrats! And, the deck looks outstanding!

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