I have been called strong

I miss my bike.  I really do.  I can’t ride my F8 or any bike for that matter.


This was my last and almost first real ride since I busted my tibia.  About a month ago I went out and it was like a breath of fresh air.  My last 2 years have been challenging to say the least.  Someone sent me message about how “strong” I have been throughout these years.

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters That Form D

My diabetes has gone from Type II to what some call Type 1.5.  Sugars out of control, complicated now by thyroid issues.  I am weak, I tremor, I am exhausted all the time and I can’t ride nor work all my on call shifts.


The only good thing with an over active thyroid is loosing weight.  So, since I have moved back to the USA from Canada I have gotten into a motorcycle accident, broke my tibia, was out of commission for 7 months, my diabetes has progressed to the point I may need an insulin pump and now my thyroid is out of control.  All of my issues can be treated.  Good news eh?

Treated with drugs.  More drugs and always paying attention to my body.  Sounds easy…to me it’s annoying.  Am I strong?  I feel overwhelmed and week again.  I just want to catch a break, no, not literally.

I have the most incredible partner who inherited  a partner who continuously gets sicker and sicker.  sick2

I read all those great FB pages and see so many out riding old and new bikes.  Having the adventures of their lives or just riding for the enjoyment.


I am happy riding…yet I feel for now this is another loss.  Anyone who rides understands what two wheels feels like.


I dream about the 1200 I trashed, I dream about being healthy.  Not pitying myself, I just want normalcy.  Every time I look around a corner there seems to be a surprise not in a good way.  I am sick.  I look well but I am ill.  I am trying to look forward but I always seem to think about BC, Canada.

Our new President was elected.  Perhaps I am sick over that too?  cropped-voting-fraud2

I guess now everyone knows who I voted for and why I think about canada-cool

I will end this by promising myself to get the medical help I need and comply.  Now, I also have to figure out a way to do my job.  24 hr shifts between 14-18 times a month.  In the  mean while I will try to be a good partner and will dream about my present bikefullsizeoutput_100a

and the new bikes coming out.  😉


Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

22 thoughts on “I have been called strong”

  1. CBD oil for your health. Blue bird botanicals. Look into it with an open mind. Best of luck lady rider
    From another lady rider.

  2. Aw, sounds like your hormone/endocrine system is out of whack, likely compounded by a traumatic experience like a motorbike crash… Natropathic doc may be able to resolve a great deal of your issues. Nothing is permanent, I am hopeful and optimistic we will see you back on 2 wheels in the near future. PS – you’ll always have a home in Canada, we miss you. 🙂

  3. Sending lots of good karma your way! I truly know how you feel…since turning 50 (now 56) seems something is always around the corner that sets me back a bit. Gotta alway keep looking forward….difficult to do, I know all too well. Here’s to your health so you can keep working at the job you love plus get back on that F8! M😘🤗

  4. Acupuncture!!! Do it even if you think it is nonsense…it WILL help you. 🙂 You are not alone feeling sick about this election either – such strange and dangerous times. I hope you can get back on a bike soon. HUGS!!

      1. I think you have to look at alternative medicine seriously. Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. Do not crowd your mind with too many things. Even though some of your ailments are interconnected, you have to look at them one at a time. Perhaps diabetics first. Absolute positive thinking is necessary. I think the crash and the aftermath has affected you too much. Perhaps a trip to India may be an eye opener. Can get you names of some of the best Ayurveda treatment from Kerala. Also the stay there will have a curing effect on you.
        Just to give you an idea, please open this website and have a look https://www.keralatourism.org/
        Clock on Ayurveda and have a look.
        Get back to riding soon.

  5. If it matters at all or or if this is of any value for support, at 69 I may also be done with riding at least for now. Oh and driving and most everything else I found enjoyable. Sudden and potentially Serious Heart Issue just surfaced – out of the blue, and now a secondary pulmonary issue to go along with that has occurred. Together suddenly the result is breathing problems, Shortness of Breath, very quick exhaustion onset etc. Came on almost instantly, one day I had a bit of a cold the next day I was flat on my back After some 50 years of riding I am not exactly happy, not angered and not complaining, or anything else negative, just not willing to buy a ticket to this show ! LOL Semi-Final Diagnosis is coming December 15. In the mean time, you get yourself healed and go riding and post photos when you can. I’ll be fine, and still riding if only vicariously thru your and other rider posts. I have some 10,000 digital photos and untold memories of the road. Be Safe – Live Strong. Note: Meant to Help you Count YOUR blessings at a time when I am sure that may not be your first though. Also will help me remember mine a touch better. God Bless. . J Ride On !

  6. Ya’ll gotta be tough. Someone once told me I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps when tings got tough and move on. Well based on your picture posted above,, 3rd one up, that may be hard as you are wearing flip Flops,! Ain’t got no boot straps there. Best Humor I got for today. Prayers for your recovery, Live Strong and If you have a partner and you two are attached at the heart – Love Does Conquer All. I know that feeling, my Bride, Partner, Other Side is being quite supportive as I appear in my eyes to slip down hill. My sugar also has become an issue. I did like your type 1.5 comment ! Doctors not sure how to handle mine. Take morning meds – 195 drops to 70 in about an hour, take some carbs – 15 minutes later 160, but continues to climb till afternoon meds, then 190 drops 61 in less than an hour. Following all dietary instructions. Similar Thyroid issue, So many things physical appear to be failing at the moment, that is except my spirit. Meant to be supportive – Count Your Blessings – Hope I hit the mark. Jo

    1. wow so much going on for you. Sorry to hear about how our bodies don’t behave. I will you all the best and for me…in time I hope things will settle down and I will get back on that bike.

  7. Knees in the breeze. Feels good. I know you are missing it. Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. Please listen to those that have suggested acupuncture, a holistic approach and may I add diet. Don’t just treat the symptoms with drugs but go after the cause. We all have so much to be thankful for and sometimes a dis ease can be overwhelming. Wishing you all the best and hope you are well and riding again in the very near future.

    1. I am looking into alternative treatment to compliment my medications. It is overwhelming but I will get things back in order. Happy thanksgiving and thanks for the comment

  8. Sad thing is, stuff wears out no matter how diligent you are at doing right by you and your body.

    At 51 (yes I know I’m still relatively young) I don’t “feel” old buy my body tells me otherwise.

    Guess we just have to soldier on eh?

    My mantra. Self, family, everything else.

    If you’re no good, you’re no good to your family and if they’re no good you’re no good to anyone else.

    Selfish? Sure.

    But sometimes you have to look after No.1

    Wishing you the strength to get through it all, and the tenacity to never give up


    1. My body is telling me I’m oldish. Tomorrow I go see my endocrinologist to come up with a plan. All I want is my strength back. Thanks for you comment.

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