GoPro2 Contour ROAM and iPhone comparison

Another great review from POINT OF VIEW CAMERAS who sells in the USA, UK and of course Canada.  This time they compare the iPhone 4S, Contour Roam and GoPro2.  you be judge I know which one I think looks best….do you?

Great job Mark!

This Contour Roam seems like just the ticket for those bad weather days where you DO NOT want to have to add a waterproof case…would have been great up in Alaska last year.  I think I might get us one of these so we can always record no matter the weather…


  1. Wonko the Sane says:

    Surprising how much warmer the color balance is on the GoPro vs. the other two. Color balance is also a matter of taste, but it looks like the GoPro forces you to adjust it after you’re “done.” Looks like GoPro will have to offer a way to adjust the color balance in the camera, maybe as a preference.

    Something for the 3, then.

  2. Kevin D says:

    Everything the Roam shot is waaaauy too blue. If you are going to use it, you’d better be adept at editing!

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