Day 11 – “I’m sorry I did not mean to hit your bike”

Day 11 = 571 Km’s – Matthews, NC – Wiliamsburg, VA

Got your attention didn’t I? I stop at McD’s for wifi, bathroom breaks etc. Yesterday I actually got a quarter pounder, some calories, fat and food. Still feel as though I am not eating enough but seems like I am always snacking.

I leave the parking the lot and I am at a stop sign. Near the border of NC & VA. I’m waiting for traffic to make a left turn and I am watching this dude in his car, sitting really low in his seat texting on his phone. I watch in my side view mirrors as he starts to roll closer to me. I have a firm foot on my rear brake but not my front YET.

He eventually taps my rear wheel, my bike lunges, I grab a full front brake, jam on my rear, wobble but some how don’t fall. Put my kickstand down, get off my bike and say to the dude, “what the hell?”. He said, “oh dude I am sorry I did not mean to hit your bike, you ok?” I said “get off your damn phone that could have been a disaster” and walked away. No damage to my bike or me which is the good news.

I pulled over to the other side of the road to regroup and off I went.

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My track as of May 27, 2014. The straight line was when my SPOT Connect died and then picked up a Gen3 in Wyoming which has been working great and still have the same batteries in it 9 days later.

Day 11 started off at my brother’s house. Had one day to restock and shop and 2 nights in his daughter’s room in a very comfy bed. Nice to see his kids and wife even though for a short brief layover. They live in a beautiful area of Matthews, NC.

Bro and wife as they send me off – thanks for the hospitality and food/bed!

My Altitude is at least clean for now

Weather for this day and I think for the next few was HAZY, Hot and Humid. I know I am originally from NY, but living in the Vancouver area of BC for the last 17 years my body does NOT like humidity. Riding in this muck is difficult for me especially when its 34 C or 93 F outside. I tried my cooling vest, it sort of work at high speeds but the humidity I am sure decreased it’s effectiveness.

Had ice on my Hydrapack, and some ice in my jacket pockets at certain points.

I need to accumulate for the trip north.

Even though paved I love these roads. I tried to stay off the interstate yesterday but the side roads were full of slow-moving traffic. I felt my self due to the heat getting agitated with the pace, so I popped on off the interstate to get flow through my jacket and to make up time. But I did get to ride a few of these.

Stopped of at the Charlotte, BMW dealer to see if a woman who emailed me months ago was working. Turns out she quit 2 weeks ago. It was not a total waste of time. This dealer has a customer hang out area on the second level. Outdoor patio area, game room, TV etc. Now that is the way to treat a customer who is dropping $$$ while they wait for their bike to be serviced. I have said this to my dealer, Pacific Motosports in Richmond, BC. Make a nice space for all of us that spend way too much $$. They are trying but this was really nice and how customers should be treated.

My bike needs a 20,000 KM service. Initially I was going to get this done at Dual Sport Plus in Ontario but found out they are retiring, closing the doors end of June. However, their service techs moved on sooner than later. I posted on FB I need assistance. 100’s of people chimed in and low and behold a service manager from one of the MAX BMW dealers in Connecticut messaged me to offer help. Rob is his name and I was able to prebook a HUGE service including new tires and valve inspection for June 3 at Brookfield, CT MAX BMW.

Thanks to Rob jumping in and Brianna for setting me up having new Heidenau K60’s waiting for me. I will get my chain and sprockets done as prevention. Chain looks ok now and so do my sprockets but I rather have a DID on my bike and not have to worry about extending the life of the OEM chain on my way back. If anyone is in the area of Brookfield on Tuesday, June 3 come visit. It will take hours for them to do my bike.

Had quite a few southerners come check my bike and set up. The one question I get all the time is, “what kind of bike is that”. I guess they don’t see too many Beemers here that are DS. A few have told me it’s their dream to do what I am doing…I suppose this is a dream ride. I hope I am not taking it for granted because I just seem to decided and ride…not dream. Well, Africa and Iceland I dream about.

Short ride, time to think again….I am not completely in my head full of thoughts of separation etc. I am trying to work on letting go of Cheryl, moving forward literally, staying safe on the bike, deal with everything that will come my way when I return. Soul searching I suppose. I wonder though, is this trip just a huge distraction? Am I going to crash when I get home? Hope not….and I believe the second part of this trip will be key in my “healing”.

The roads were not exciting…my fault again because of the tight timeline. But I am getting to be with me. I am getting still tons of comments, messages supporting this ride from the virtual land out there. I truly appreciate all the input, stories and understanding from so many “strangers” who get why a person like me would ride.

On my way to a very dear and great college friends house in Williamsburg my GPS lead me to a nice little surprise. A short ferry crossing to her house. The Jamsetown Ferry. I was confused by this at first, then TM my friend and she said take it over I live a mile away. I was treated to this water crossing plus got to see many Osprey families, their nests, their chicks and it was a perfect way to end 571 of Hazy, Hot Humid miles or Km’s.

When I got to my friend’s house, had a few beers, food, great conversations and she even got me into a hot tub which I never do but actually liked it. I am not sore at all. Working out prior to this trip has really helped. I feel in shape. No butt soreness, no need for Advil, nothing. But the tub was fun and just being with Ann Marie was great. Short and sweet is my saying because she will be off to work in a few hours and I will be heading into Williamsburg for a coffee and then heading to my next goal to see the folks at Revzilla in Philly.

Until next installment…enjoy my feet. They got a good cleaning

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

19 thoughts on “Day 11 – “I’m sorry I did not mean to hit your bike””

  1. Didn’t mean to hit you bike was a scary phrase to read. Relieved you made it without physical injury. Trust me the heart will slow back down after 50 miles. No more of that crap Eh ? Jo

  2. It’s happened to me twice before. I too was fortunate to keep upright. Does make you want to helmet bash the offending drivers windshield. Or maybe just my feeling of rage at the moment. Haha. :-). Glad you’re okay. Still shakes you up. I decided to install the Skene P3 led brake lights that mount beside the plate and the extra flashing has people stopping a further distance from me now. I recommend them! 🙂


    (Check out my little wordpress blog if you’re bored. Currently on a little trip to Baja and back.)

  3. Welcome to Virginia, Leslie! Sorry to hear about the mishap as you were leaving NC, but thankful to know it wasn’t worse. And so cool that you got to experience our little Scotland-Jamestown ferry service across the James River.

    Say hello to Anthony and the gang at Revzilla for me (I don’t actually know them, but I do enjoy their product videos) and safe travels as you continue on your way to New York.

    Charlottesville, VA USA

  4. Oh man!! Way to scare us all! But I’m glad you’re doing well. VA to Philly today, huh? *virtualwave* I work in Bethesda, MD, so you might pass right by
    That RevZilla store is great.

  5. Your journey is cracking me up!! I love your stories and seems as though you are truly finding yourself!! xoxo

  6. About three seasons ago, I was in roll-stop traffic and a young woman behind me was texting. After nearly hitting my rear wheel, other drivers we honking and yelling at her…she flipped them off…this goes on for about two miles due to an accident ahead. Fed up, I put down the kickstand and walk back and ask if I can use her phone to let my people know I am going to be delayed. Enamored by a dude (me) in bike gear, she smiles-twirls hair and hands me the phone…that girly smile faded fast as she watched her iphone sail accross two lanes of opposing traffic and into the dense bushes…her angry protest was drown out by the honks and jeers by the cars around us… she kept a full car length between us till we cleared the traffic. Texting while operating a vehicle is illegal in Maine, I wish other states would enact similar laws. While it won’t stop everyone from doing it, but it does help reduce the number of Jackwaggons who think their multi-tasking abilities overrule common sense.

  7. Oh Leslie this absolutely makes my blood boil. Texting/effing about with a mobile device while driving is more dangerous than being over the legal limit for alcohol according to many, many research studies on this topic. They need to start taking away people’s licences, the same as they do with DUIs. The consequences should be no different, or if anything, more severe. Self-serving, selfish and negligent behaviour.

    Glad nothing untoward came out of your mishap.

  8. Big Sky in Missoula has one of those customer areas. Really makes you feel comfortable with TV couches WIFI etc. Will be interested in what your service comes to. When i had mine done in Calgary with about the same stuff you are getting done (chain, sprockets, 20k check, valves etc) it was $900. Dam near choked.
    The Jamestown Ferry. I knew I had heard that before and yes it is a song. Relevance? Your choice

    “He just caught the Jamestown ferry, it’s not a hot day in January
    Like he said it’d be if he ever left me
    A case of gone was all he carried as he got on the Jamestown ferry
    And he said that gone was all he’d ever be

    I didn’t think that he’d leave me after sayin’ how much he needs me
    But the fact still remains, I’m sittin’ here all alone
    Missin’ the lovin’ of my baby, Lord, it’s ’bout to drive me crazy
    He was the sweetest piece of heaven I’ve ever known”

    1. I’d have choked at a price like that also! The consumer pricing index for London UK is 43% higher than Calgary (ie costs are an average of 43% higher in London)… My dealership which is run directly by BMW HQ (not a franchise) charged me £250/$CAD450 including our extortionate 20% tax for my 12,000 mile/20,000km service in February. This included the valve adjustment and everything else but excluded replacing the chain. For reference the same dealership charged me at total of £90/$CAD160 to replace the chain and sprockets in early 2013 when I ended up with several fully fused links due to my overzealous cleaning which damaged the o-rings allowing grit/cleaner to get in… How did they justify that to you??

  9. Crazy kid hiting you. Do we need to get a rear horn? Good thing you were watching in your mirror and somewhat prepared. I am always watching each vehicle at a stop to find the distracted texters. Catch their eye before you make a move.

  10. Glad you are safe. Scary episode no doubt. Now forget the 1/4 pounders and go get yourself a big honking’ Cheesesteak while you are in Philly. That’ll keep you going for many kms.

    And for Rob at Max’s BMW…way to step up!!

  11. I am glad you are all right. I am always in first gear at a stop with some exit option right or left and have my eyes on what’s coming from behind. May the rest of your trip be safe. Be well.

    1. No exit options at this time. Car to my right and curb to my left. But all worked out the bikes wobbled but after I grabbed the brakes hard it stood up

  12. OMG, when I saw the title I held my breath and I think my heart skipped a beat or two…..then I read that everything was okay….whew, thank God, you and your bike are okay.

    I don’t blame you for wondering about how you’ll feel when you get back home, etc…all I can say is “take it one day at a time”….baby steps, stay present…in the moment… believe the universe is leading you in the right direction – don’t fight it, trust it and in hindsight you’ll make sense of why your life’s journey had to take this path.

    Ride safe!

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