Riding Clears the HEAD – Last Day of My Washington Fall Trip

November 1 2014 (In another post I will write a little review of the TCX Gore Tex Desert boot)

Total Mileage 883 KM’s.  (Oct 30 – Nov 1)

Thursday, Oct 30th I decided to leave for this little trip by the afternoon.  I left my house around 1530 for La Conner.  A short ride from my house across the border.  First two days I got poured on…if anyone knows me and my rides rain is always part of my adventure.  Last day the skies had some dark clouds but for the most part it was the absolute perfect day to ride two wheels.  Cool, mainly dry, partly sunny skies and not a whole lot of traffic.

Love this picture

I stayed over night in Poulso, WA.  A bit of a dumpy hotel compared to the Channel Lodge in La Conner.  The good news is because I did not make it to Port Townsend I was able to meet up with Bonnie, the gal I met on the ferry over to Port Orchid.  She recognized me from my FB page. 

Bonnie gone from virtual friend to real life

Bonnie and exchanged cell phone #’s and were able to meet up at a local diner near my hotel without a hitch at around 0830. Perfect little and I mean little diner.  As Bonnie said to me when I walked, “this is the type of place when you walk in everyone turns to the door and stars at you”.  That’s because we were strangers in a local greasy spoon.  Service was friendly and food was tasty.

After we ate and had some good conversation it was time to part our ways.  Since Cheryl no longer is in my life the one thing I have noticed the most when riding alone is I MEET people. Cheryl never wanted to talk to “strangers” even the one’s who read my blog and FB page.  She never would give people the time of day.  Me?  I love this.  Love meeting virtual friends in real life.  Just about every trip I run into someone.  So, that makes riding solo much more conducive to my personality and way more interesting meeting the virtual world one by one.

Our selfie

As I headed north to Port Townsend it was cloudy but no worries I knew this would be a really good riding day.  I could feel it.  I needed my heated liner and gloves again but I actually don’t mind hooking in to warmth.  I feel snug as bug on the bike when the heat is on.

Grated bridges, who on two wheels LOVE these?  With my new rear tire and the Karoo 3 up front I felt this grate quit a bit.  So, as always steady as she goes and let the bike do it’s thing.

I took my time to get to the ferry in Port Townsend.  By the way…these ferries only cost me $4.25 to cross.  About 30 mins on the vessel.  What a great deal you all have down there in Washington.  Awesome ferries and cheap to boot. Went to the Port Townsend Park and took a little hike around.

A few artsy pictures?  Again I try but I am no photographer.

Taking detours is always a great way to entertain yourself especially when you have been in this area many times before.  I always try to find a new road.

After the park and while I was trying not to think about heading home, I went for a little tour around the town.

Above pic I believe is the post office.  Another coastal artsy town with cool cafes.  I wanted to stay here over night in one of the hotels on the water but it wasn’t meant to be this trip.

While on the ferry I met another BMW rider.  I am so bad with names.  He’s a local guy that rides over the North Cascades when he can to his cabin.  Rides a 1200GS.  We were the only two bikes on the ferry and chatted a while about all year riding and rode off in different directions.

Quick snap shot of my rear Heidenau K60 tire at about 1000 KM.  I usually document my wear and tear…

K60 rear at 1000 KM

My Karroo 3 tire at 10,500 KM’s, I have a new front Heidenau frint just waiting its turn.

Java never fails in Washington at the little roadside bistro.  I always have to walk up to the window when I am riding.  Sort of funny to see the folks in the shacks faces. 😉

Such a beautiful day!

Took a ride to Deception Pass Park.  Always past the entrance and never turned down to see what the park was all about. So, I did and it’s a beach with lot’s of trails.  One question?  Why do parks close bathrooms when there is obvious many people walking around and make everyone walk up a hill to bathrooms far away?

Deception Pass

Peaceful ride home due to the weather giving me a break.  Peaceful also because I think I have made a decision about my future.  One that I am in control of and that is I will be moving back to the USA at some point.  Despite LOVING my job at BC Transplant I will look for another job in the Northeast of the US hopefully doing something similar as I am now.  Things happen I suppose for a reason.  2014 to be honest has totally sucked.  if it wasn’t for my bike and all the trips I have been taking I think I would have lost my mind.  My family, friends all have helped too.

In time I will see how my plan unfolds here in BC.  To end my port as the sun was setting, I had one more stalling.  EWS code showed up yet again.  Sat for 45 mins and the bike started.  This needs to be addressed ASAP before I take another short trip.

I arrived home in the dark and my AUX lights sure do their job.

I have a lot on mind as usual.  Slowly sorting this new life out and trying to adjust to the idea of leaving what I called home for almost 18 years. More change…more testing my resolve.  Meeting online followers has been such a great experience.  I am happy to say I have lost count as to how many I have meet in real life.  I hope this continues.  I hope I ride as much as I can and when the time comes to transition back to the USA?  I hope that goes as smoothly as it can logistically and I settle in wherever I land.  Maybe Massachusetts? New York?  Connecticut?  Somewhere in this area would be fine with me.

Last 2014 Fall trip

Stay tuned as Leslie’s saga continues.  As always…thanks for reading! Leslie

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13 thoughts on “Riding Clears the HEAD – Last Day of My Washington Fall Trip”

  1. Riding is a godsend for me, I have sorted a lot of stuff out in my helmet, it definitely helps to clear my mind and at times quiet my soul. I’ve enjoyed new friendships through the virtual world from blogging and it’s always a treat to meet people in your community. Your pics are lovely. For the most part when I ride in the rain and my heart and mind are troubled I usually think of it as a cleansing experience, it’s just washing away the icky stuff. Ride on!

  2. I have to cross that darn bridge every time I go to see my mom and dad- no matter how many times going over those grates it just doesn’t get any better.

  3. Leslie, You are an inspiration to the rest of us that have been knocked down but not given up. Thank you for sharing your life and all it’s ups and downs. I love your blogs of your travels. Always interesting and informative.

  4. I have found that making a difficult decision, even though there is work still to be done, brings a level of peace for me. I hope it does the same for you. Lovely pics on this trip!

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