Climate SHOCK and the LA State Trooper

January 27th, 2015 – Day 14 (all pics in all posts can be clicked for larger versions)

He got me

Evidence…I was speeding.  Fact, I was passing an 18 wheeler to get out of his turbulence.  Evidence…the State Trooper obviously never rode a motorcycle.  So, the story is this…I was in Lafayette, LA, I was so warned about the State Troopers here giving tickets out like there is no tomorrow.  Well, I got one.  Now this is funny in a warp sort of way.  I saw him pass me in the other direction.  Must have turned around.  One lane turned into two and I wanted to get out of this path of the trucker.  I got into the fast lane and yep, sped up to a ripe speed of 60 in a 50 to make sure I got ahead of this guy.  2 seconds later, lights pop up behind me.

I stop, cop says, “why you in such a hurry sir?”  I said I am a woman and I am not in a hurry.  License & registration, etc…please.  I could not get my kickstand down so I had to ask for permission to move my bike.  I was granted this and it took me three times to find land I could put the stand safely down. 😵  The he says take off your helmet.  I said sure will please and thank you.  I had to get my insurance/registration out of the top box so he had to wait for me to get all the crap out. I hand him my license and document.

I said how fast was I going sir?  He said 60 in a 50.  I said well, I was trying to get out that trucks way and I had to pick up speed to pass him but you pulled me over before I had a chance to slow down.  He said, you do not need to go that fast to get by a truck.  Now, my impulsive side wanted to say YOU’RE KIDDING me right?  But, I shut my mouth and played like a nice Southern gal.

Didn’t  matter what I did he was writing the ticket.  I had to help him read my Canadian document for the registration, tell him the model of my bike, he knew it was a BMW but he wrote my bike was black and the incorrect plate number.  I took the ticket, said thank you and he said now you need to call this number to find out how much it is in the next 2 weeks.  I said, OH OK will do sir.  Thanks again for the warm greeting to LA.  😉

My first ticket ever riding.  My first ticket since 1997.   I am a law-abiding citizen but this was just an ignorant stop but I accepted the ticket with “grace”.

Okay, back to my update today…the trooper did not interfere with my day at all.  I have been on the road for 14 days now.  I have not taken a day off from riding.  Usually I do after about 8-9 days and I can feel I need a few days off the bike.  That will have to wait until I get to Florida which is really not that far away.

My route that I posted way in the beginning of this trip was just a rough idea.  I have been following the weather which has allowed me to go more North at times.  Here is my latest track from the SpotWalla page.

7500 KM’s or 4,470 miles as of Day 14

My morning started at about 3C or 37F…and crept to 28C or 82F…thought it was 86 in the conversion but I was mistaken.

I had heated gloves and liner on for the morning.  My body never really like heat to ride in.  I have always stated I rather ride in the cold any day, hence this ride.   So, when the heat turned on it makes it difficult for me to ride distances.

Today I did manage to cover some territory but I fell short of making it to New Orleans.  Well, the cop didn’t help either.  👌  But what made me stop? Was the RUSH hour traffic heading into Baton Rough.  I mean 18-wheeler Rush hour.  There was a line up to go over the bridge that takes you into Baton Rough and it was LOADED with trucks.  I was told one way in and out.  OMG..I could not handle a traffic jam like this everyday.

see the line up?

Crawling over this bridge in about 80F was not fun at all.  Ignorance is bliss but I could not help to notice I fell into this rush hour without paying attention to the time.

My rush hour view

Cool bridge though..I do love bridges just in case some need reminding…lol

rush hour looking up

What a nightmare.  I can deal with normal rush hour but I felt so claustrophobic being squished between these rigs. The bridge was shaking so much. Can you imagine the weight on that bridge during this time?  Once over the Mississippi I had to stop.  Previously about an hour or so prior to getting to Baton Rough, I had to pull over at a rest stop.  I was falling asleep on my bike.  That is what heat and sun do to me at times.  I jumped on a picnic table and passed out for 20 mins. Now that felt great. Got my second wind until this traffic.  I gave up and pulled over for the night even though I am about a little more than hour away from New Orleans.

I am glad I did pull over because I gut to meet the Triple A’s.

Hampton Inn Dudes

Art, Adam, Kenny-night watch, and AJ.  Great greeting, nice guys too.  Adam loved my bike…you know he has to be a good guy…😉, Art has a blog and I was treated so nicely it was meant to be.  Thanks guys for the chats.  Adam helped me get a reservation in New Orleans for one of their properties on Canal Street so I am all set up for Wednesday, January 28th for the night in the French Quarters.

another service pending now

Not sure how many out there ride all year and end up within less than a year having a 20K, 30K and now a 40K service.  Well, that would be me.  Drawbacks of riding so much….the cost of riding.  UGH! Seriously, well worth it, I am fortunate.

Many readers told me I should ride to a town called Nathitoches.

Natchitoches (/ˈnækətəʃ/ NAK-ə-təsh) (French: Les Natchitoches) is a city in and the parish seat of Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, United States.[1] Established in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis as part of French Louisiana, the community was named after the Natchitoches Indian tribe. The City of Natchitoches was first incorporated on February 5, 1819. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. Natchitoches’s sister city is Nacogdoches, Texas.

Glad I did.  I took back roads all the way here, walked around the old brick streets, had a bowl of oatmeal at a local cafe and hung out for while enjoying the shade and people watching.

This town in now in festival season.  Well, they always are according to my waitress but on weekends.  She said the town fills up, parties happen and then everyone leaves.  During the week, like when I arrived it’s business as usual.

I didn’t ask anyone but I wonder if the bricks are original?

It was busy here but business busy and not that many people around. Cute boutiques and it was in the 80’s.  I liked Nathitoches.

Very cool bridge into Shreveport, LA or was it leaving this city?  Hmmmm..short term memory not so good.

I can see the swamps pop up as I head towards South.  I found out that Exxon has natural gas/oil pipelines all under the ground and water around here including the Mississippi.  I heard that the guys who dive into the Mississippi to inspect these pipelines make a ton of $$.  I would think so…it’s so murky down there you would have to be a highly specialized diver who also knows engineering and welding?  😵

I will have a very short riding day for Day 15.  Check in time is not until 1500 so I will take my time leaving Baton Rouge. Might check out the BMW dealership here in the city and then head South.  Also, not that far mileage wise from Florida.  My first real destination of this trip.

All in all I feel great.  I have been through what I would say all four seasons on this trip and will rely on the virtual world to assist  me to make it up the east coast.  I may hit cold heading north by next week and some pockets of interesting weather but I am really hoping I will make it to Long Island where I will park my bike and fly back to BC, Canada.  I will worry about that next week.  Until then…here’s to the French Quarters and New Orleans.

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24 thoughts on “Climate SHOCK and the LA State Trooper”

  1. So glad you are having a great trip Leslie. I am enjoying your photos and reading your posts. It makes it more bearable to wait out winter here in the frozen North. 🙂 Enjoy New Orleans. Nutty but fun city.

    1. NO was nice tonight. Not so crowded and I had a virtual friend, Native to this area show me around and take me out for some fantastic food and sweets. Nice short riding day and long wlak around this city. Very relaxing day.

  2. BMWMOA motorcycles of Baton Rouge is a wonder place to stop on your way to New Orleans. Tell Jim, Clark and Cory Steve says hello! Don’t forget to make a quick stop at the Cafe Du Monde in the quarter for some cafe au lait and beignets….

  3. Gotta love those southern state troopers… (~_^) At least you have another good story to tell. I’m sure you’ll have plenty more to share with us. Enjoying reading and seeing the pics.
    Have a safe ride.

  4. Hahaha, I had this in Utah, Highway #50, cop comes from the other direction and makes Hollywood U-turn, just to tell us (2 German guys on BMW GS 1200) that we went over the speedlimit in the desert of 65 m/h by 10 Miles/h, hahahaha, it was really hard for us to keep a straight face. At the end we did receive a warning but no fine. You understand the funny part ? Germany has no speedlimit on the Autobahn (top speed of the my GS here is 207 km/h , around 120 m/h), we where on a Autobahn like are in middle of the f’n desert and the cop tells us we where speeding by 10 m/h.

  5. Loving your tales of the road, and loving your new attitude. I can see your resilience and optimism returning. So happy that you are taking control of your life and doing things that are right for you. Enjoy the journey and ride safely.

  6. Bummer about the state trooper. Some of them really have no sense of humor. And just 10 over? crazy.

    Glad you got to Nachitoches, it really is a beautiful old town. I got behind in your posts or I would have also recommended that you visit the Hill Country of Texas, which is West of Austin, and North and west of San Antonio. You would not believe the fun riding that exists in Texas! That is actually the destination for our next bike trip, in April.

    1. Didn’t go that South in TX. I was able to stay more north. But like you recommendations…Florida is so close…Sort of bummed but if all goes well I will head up the coast.

      1. If the weather holds for you, the offer is still open to come through North Georgia, about 70 miles above Atlanta, and stay for a night. We can give you great ride suggestions as you head north from here.

  7. Always let the officer make mistakes, e.g. licence # as that is the way you do not pay the fine as the ticket is incorrect.

  8. Thank you for sharing your trips, it’s an interesting reading. Here in Sweden there’s alot of snow and I will have too wait for a couple months before I can take out my f8 fore a ride. Ride safely best from Sweden 🙂

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