2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 12 & 13

May 5th 2015

Day 12 was spent just cruising along from Billings, Montana to Deadwood, South Dakota.  Although much of the drive was flat I still find the surrounding in this area to be beautiful.  Weather was great, not too hot and I really did not stop much.  I wanted to get to the Blackhills, SD where I knew I was going to get a cabin and stay for two nights.  Needed to clean out my car, reorganize my “stuff”, just like I do when on my bike and of course sleep and relax.

I met this man, Clinton, a member of the Cheyenne Tribe on the side of the road.  He really did not want his face in the picture so I respected that wish.

We were both watching a Bald Eagle pair by their nest.  I noticed he was paying his respects to the male eagle so I left him alone until he was done.  Clinton noticed me and came over, hand extended in kinship for a handshake.  He began to tell me that I missed a pow wow last evening and thought I would have liked being a part of his peoples ceremony.  I agreed and said I was sorry we did not meet tha day before.

Most majestic raptor

Tons of views like this one

even saw a few tumble weeds crossing the street.  What I stumbled upon were these animals, that later I found out were antelopes.  So interesting looking, run very fast, jump high and unfortunately are road kill as well.

Seriously, I had no idea these were antelopes but now I do….amazing markings and I found my self just watching them for about an hours or so.

Even driving straight on flat lands you can see the beauty in this picture.  Calming and relaxing even for me.

I have been asked if I am lonely out here.  Short answer is NO.  I am enjoying my solitude and exploration.  I am actually enjoying my car but man do I miss my bike.  I am in no hurry.  Fielding phone calls from potential future employers who all agree, take my time and contact them when I arrive on the east coast.  I will take my time despite me still feeling like I need to drive long distances each day.  I have the innate drive in my always feeling I need to go somewhere.

I arrived in the Blackhills, Deadwood to be exact just in time to do a little grocery shopping and get set up in my cabin.  I want to show how my bridge Canon camera can shoot pics from a long ways away.  The zoom on this camera is amazing at 65x’s optical.  First up wide

Now pay attention to the mound just right of the only tree that breaks the horizon.  Next up my zoom.

I don’t know but to me this is amazing to be able to zoom in like this without a DSLR.  I am so happy with my Canon that I find myself using it so much more on this trip.  Having it ready in the car at a moments notice makes it handy.

Day 13, I relaxed, cleaned my car, repacked and took naps on a rainy days in the Blackhills.  Even though I am driving I still need to break up the trip with a down day.  Day 14 I am waiting to get my oil changed and car serviced in Rapid City.  Won’t be going too far today but that’s OK.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

2 thoughts on “2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 12 & 13”

  1. Another great report Leslie!
    Question…………….does your camera have the time delay typical of a lot of point and shoot digitals or the instantaneous take that SLR’s have? I have a Canon Rebel, SLR, but man that camera of yours looks really handy!

    1. It’s instantaneous. I love Bridge cameras. You manually override settings or use auto. But the optical zoom and the use of a tripod is amazing.

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