Mirage 2 Shield


Being able to adjust this shield off road was awesome! Allowed for great air flow and stability!


  1. I’m thinking about getting that for my F800GS. My only question is that I’m 198cm and it might worsen the air flow since it wouldn’t cover all of my head. Any thoughts on that?

    • advgrrls says:

      When it comes to shields they should never cover your head. A shield should at most come up to your lip so that it does not distract your vision. Just FYI. Shields are subjective but having one that is adjustable makes it more versatile.

  2. advgrrls says:

    I love it but it’s not for everyone. The fairing lets wind around the side but it’s not a turbulent wind. For me like a breath of fresh air. In the winter I wear heated gear and I am not worried about the lack of side wind protection. Don’t get me wrong it cuts the wind in half but not as much as the Cee Bailey Cheryl has on her F8. I like the set up, the GPS is in a perfect location, love how it matches my bike and also to replace the plastic shield it’s really cheep when it gets scuffed up. As I said I really like being able to adjust the height. This is way cheaper than the Touratech version and I think looks just as good.

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  2. […] Mirage 2 Shield | Cheryl & Leslie's Motorcycle Adventures […]

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