My First 2 Weeks Home

May 30 2015 – work in progress the new BLOG layout

Random post updating my first 2 weeks back in New York after my over 8000 mile road trip from Vancouver to NY, the beach, rich people, weather, more grief, new beginnings and adjustments = back to reality?

Xander, 15 years old, diagnosed on 2008 with severe heart failure and 4 month prognosis. Out lives my 13 year old Sierra and 10 year old Cruizer-lovely Beagle. Xander at 7 weeks..this is a keeper

I feel as though I have done nothing since I have been back to Long Island yet time has flown by.  Interviews coming up soon about getting a job somewhere.  I hope I land a challenging job and I would like to be able to do this soon with a start date of end of June or July.  I think this would allow me to enjoy relaxing, the beach and get ready to establish to roots I wish I did not have to.  Life is funny that way.  When you travel your mind wonders all about the what if’s.  I am somewhat a routine gal and in the end I do want a job that is stable, makes decent money, have that good old retirement plan and make room for my passion for riding and new to me “relaxing”. 

Trying to de-stress myself is not an easy task but I have someone in my life that seems to be able to “calm” me down.  A good thing!

My last dog out of three … Xanderman!
Peaceful Xander after the death of his younger sister Sierra…May 25th 2015
RIP June 6 2002 – May 25 2015 Sierra as a awkward teenager
For everyday riding…going for the more casual but safe look. Riding jeans with Kevlar, casual riding boots with ankle and toe protection and casual armored jacket.

Things I have missed since being away from the east coast.  The Atlantic, white beaches, the east end of Long Island, bagels, pizza and deli’s.  Things I have not missed and forgot about…pollen, humidity, traffic and very fast drivers. I have been able to get some rides in on my bike before I had to take it in for its BIG 24,000 miles service which of course included a valve inspection.  Good thing I did this now…all valves were out of spec and needed new shims.  Left my bike at MAX BMW in Brookfield in the good hands of their staff and Brianna.  A very spunky, competent service manager who I met last year around this time when they serviced my bike while I was riding X Country then.  New tires this time as usual.  K60’s of course, new plugs etc. 

My bike will be like band new when they are done.

Riding the day after Sierra died. It helps me with my grief…Sierra was a blow to my heart.
One of the way I can get to my new Dealer, MAX BMW….ferry ride then a short ride in Connecticut
Torn down, needs new shims…I ride a lot, ride far…not usual for BMW F800GS to have out of spec valves but mine did and as of yesterday, Friday bike is back together and all new.
Since importing my bike is NOT going to happen…I di believe when I am ready to seel my beauty and can afford a new USA bike…it will be the new 1200GS

Cool thing they deliver and pick up from the Island if you are willing to part with your bike for a week.  Have to remember that for next time.  My bike will be delivered this next week to Stony Brook.

My father’s car vac. Over 25 years young and still does it job. I need to learn to keep things and NOT up buy.
Xander is a very dominant dog but here he seems to be really missing his sister
I was welcomed home by this GREAT sign and of course pizza on Friday night.
One of the last pictures of Xander and Sierra relaxing and sharing a love dogs only know
Sierra a few days before we put her to sleep. Her back end gave out, while her body was perfect. Couldn’t walk but healthy otherwise and was suffering from osteoarthritis.

IMG_5963Cheryl told me when she put Sierra down that the young Vet helped with the decision we both made and made her passing much more comforting for Cheryl and of course our big girl.  A very nice note, handwritten which means a lot these days…trying to console us after our very difficult but compassionate decision. IMG_5927 IMG_5939 IMG_5940

Cool Polaris I saw in Westhampton.  Hmmm…neat alternative when you have a significant other who does not ride eh?IMG_5941And of course the Ocean.  Beach  day, chairs, packed lunch and relax.  Haven’t done this for YEARS and it felt great.  Eastern Long Island is still a beautiful place.  You feel like you are in the country.  This is where I have been staying since my return.  One thing I know is I crave space, I LOVE farms, vineyards and this offers just that.

 I know I will be back into a rat race especially if I work in NYC but it’s sure nice to know I have this to come back to on days off.IMG_5942 IMG_5943 IMG_59442 weeks have flown by…feels like in some ways I have never left for 18 years.  I suppose that is good.  I need to find time to reconnect with old friends and cousins.  I got my Fiat service and it’s all good.  I am going to add HID lights, there are tons of dear here…so anything I can do to help see them I will.

Welcome back to me…this is a new chapter, yet feels familiar.  My life over this last year and half was full of so many good byes but new hello’s.  Loses which I hope turn into gains.  My brain as always is on overload and as I tackle one issue at a time…I am truly hoping that I have covered my bases to ensure I did not forget anything on my to do a list for Canada and USA.  Time will tell. 

BTW..bought a cover for my bike..not sure when she will find a garage 😉

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