A DOGS love & the pain saying good bye

One thing I find interesting?  ADV riders seem to have in common is the love for their pets and life.  I have no real tangible evidence but I would say many of us who ride have dogs.  Having said that want to find my soft spot?  Loving my dogs and then having to say good […]

My First 2 Weeks Home

May 30 2015 – work in progress the new BLOG layout Random post updating my first 2 weeks back in New York after my over 8000 mile road trip from Vancouver to NY, the beach, rich people, weather, more grief, new beginnings and adjustments = back to reality?


MAY 25 2015 Sierra went to sleep forever!  June 6th 2002 – May 25th 2015 Cruizer April 28th 2004 – June 10th 2014 My little one Xander, age 15 is the only dog I have left.

2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 9 (My head)

April 30th 2015 (all pics in any of my posts can be clicked for HI REZ versions) I feel like I am living the 2002 philosophical travel memoir by Neil Peart, Ghost Rider.  I get why he kept going out for his rides. Everyday the roads I travel are stunning and beautiful.  Perfect for a […]

Saying Good Bye is NEVER Easy…

March 14th 2015 (videos included) If you LOVE dogs like I love mine then you will understand why I feel compelled to do an entire post about saying good-bye to my best friends.  One of the hardest things over the year has been knowing that life changes comes with many consequences. Since I am picking […]

Doesn’t Feel Like Winter Anymore….

2015 – EASTBOUND-Down and Around the USA Trip January 15th & 16th 2015 I don’t seem to be really making that much distance each day.  Having too much fun meeting so many nice folks on the road and hospitable folks allowing me into their homes.  Today, Friday, Jan. 16th  I met this young man, CARLOS.  […]

New Decal

Compliments of my day 1 hosts! Love it and I do believe 😉

Lower The Water Level please……

December 13th 2014 – (all pics are clickable for hi rez and there are videos in the post.) Rode out to see the Eagles again today at the Sandpiper Golf Course about an hour ride east of my house.  Been going out here every year for almost 18 years.  Will be going out a lot […]

Eagle post coming

Trying to spend as much time out east with the Eagles. Big post coming up soon!

Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

AMAZING PHOTOS! SOURCE: Over Grow the System Syddue September 25, 2014 Now in its 50th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition provides a global showcase of the very best nature photography. The competition is co-owned by two UK institutions that pride themselves on revealing and championing the diversity of life on Earth – […]

The 50 Best Animal Photos Of 2012

A definitive collection of the best animal photojournalism of the year. SOURCE:  BuzzFeed Matt Stopera BuzzFeed Staff 1. The orphaned gorilla and his warden PHIL MOORE/ AFP / Getty Images Patrick Karabaranga, a warden at the Virunga National Park in Congo, sits with an orphaned mountain gorilla in the gorilla sanctuary. I LOVE THEM ALL!  […]