Inexpensive Safety Farkle – It’s good to be Seen

I got these new LED signal inserts for my 2013 BMW F800GS.  I feel the need to deck my bike in LED lights wherever I can.  Presently, I have a LED low beam which has been really great and bright.  My AUX LED on steroids, and now LED signals using inserts.

Weiser LED signal inserts


Not expensive and I am certain they will be brighter than the stock bulb. The install was pretty easy even for me to do.  Have to admit though I am not sure if the plastic caps are on tightly enough.  Only one I got to fit snug and the other three?  Well…I will see if water gets inside.

This is what the insert looks like.  There is that little plastic H looking clip that you need to make sure when you open the package you do not lose.  You need it to secure the insert.

Insert and plastic bracket you NEED and comes with the lights

All you so is unscrew the little Phillips head screw from the signal cover.  Take care of that screw too.  Don’t lose it.

Cover removes easily, on little screw
Stock signal and housing exposed

Remove the cover.  Good time to give the inside a wipe too. 😉  The use a little fat head screw driver to gently pull out the stock signal housing.  Mine all came out pretty easily.  Detach the wires.  On my bike the Blue wire was connected to the bottom of the insert and the brown to the top.  You will find out what works for your bike.  All I did was attached the wires and turned on the signal to make sure I had it right…voila the signal worked before I finished putting into place.

Blue wire has length to it brown not so much

I had to find a pointy something to pry open the connectors.  Mine was crimped too much to fit the new inserts.

I used a protractor

The the tool I used and the most pointy was a protractor I happened to have.  You can see in the picture I just needed to pry the connector opens just a bit to be able to slide the insert and connect it as well. Once I did that they slid on pretty easily.

new LED insert

What the insert looks like after it was put into place.  I found it took a few minutes to snap the insert in with that little plastic clip.  Clip kept popping out but eventually got into place.  But like I said when I put the plastic covers on they didn’t seem to want to snap on tightly.  I will have someone look at them and see if that is the way they are? should have taken a picture.

Best way to try to show what they look like is my videos.  I also got that EWS code as you will see.  My dealer is closed until Wednesday but will be calling them to address my EWS issue again.  They replaced the switch last time but I think it’s time to replace that ignition antenna thingy.  You can tell I am so technical in my terms eh?

Side note…as I type this my 14-year-old little dog, Xander who appears to be sundowning lately and barking at nothing with a very high piecing bark.  He seems to get confused this time of night and eventually settles down.  I have to admit though it’s hard on the ears and not very pleasant to watch.

Hope this post helps those interested in this simple mod.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

5 thoughts on “Inexpensive Safety Farkle – It’s good to be Seen”

  1. I wonder if the plastic on which the LEDs are mounted is not manufactured exactly to tolerance – perhaps using a nail file to take 1/2mm off the edge will provide enough space for the clear lens to seat properly into the backing?

    I’m really surprised the dealership changed the ignition switch instead of the antenna ring – the EWS issue is related to the ring in almost all cases… bets?

  2. You have given inexpensive safety farkle steps those are very helpful for us. It is very easy to install on the bike. Second thing is wearing the black helmet give us more security and stunning looks.

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